About Us

About US

Why Choose Start Travels?

As the world becomes smaller and smaller and turns into one global village, it is time to reach out, to connect with our friends in different parts of the world….

“Travel is the best means of education!”   It is our pleasure to open the world to young minds as they “START” travel and learn by rich experience the oneness of mankind amidst the myriad cultures around the world.We have designed a unique and special programme for students where discovery is integrated with education and education crosses borders and scales a new height on the crossroads of culture.
We develop programmes that help students to gain understanding of each other’s cultures and develop the ability to live in a culturally diverse but interdependent world with tolerance and compassion.

Our educational tours are a life changing experience and a wonderful way to bring students of India and different countries in close contact with each other and expand our understanding and relationship. Every programme is supported by personal attention and service throughout the entire process. All groups are accompanied by a tour coordinator well versed in local language and English and who also has knowledge of culture and history of the country of visit.